When you rent or buy a reefer van from CoolVans, you are getting a multi-use vehicle. Not only are they are the perfect refrigerated truck to transport all your perishables, but they also can be used as a storage unit in emergencies. And it is this great feature that we’ll take a close look at today. There are times you’ll know ahead of time that you’ll need a reefer truck and other times when the need sneaks up on you. In both of these situations, you can call CoolVans and we can set you up with the perfect vehicle for your needs, all for a price that is unbeatable in the Las Vegas area.

Plan Ahead!

Every business hopes to grow and expand its customer base, to hire more employees, and to make more money. You hope for the big jobs that will expand your company, but sometimes those jobs can be a lot to handle. While they are a chance for you to show that you can do the catering job, or the flowers for the biggest wedding of the year, you may not have the infrastructure in place to handle it all. One of the elements for catering, flowers, and many other perishable goods is reliable refrigeration. When you need an extra reefer van, be it for a single job, a season, or long term, you can turn to CoolVans. We have rental reefer trucks that can do the job for you! Our reefer trucks have an electrical standby feature that allows you to plug the refrigeration unit into an electrical outlet, so you do not have to keep the vehicle running while you are loading, unloading, or waiting for the right moment to deliver your goods.


Of course, you can’t plan for emergencies (or they wouldn’t be emergencies), but you can have a contingency plan for temperature-controlled reefer trucks. CoolVans can be your superhero and help you out in your time of need. If you run a restaurant and you expect to serve your normal monthly plate number in one day, you can guess that something will go wrong. If your cooler decides to break down and the repairman can’t get to you until next week, just call CoolVans. Our reefer trucks can be rented by the day week, month, or longer. Just call us and we’ll discuss your needs. We regularly make custom quotes. You don’t need to worry about having to let the vehicle run all day outside your kitchen door. Our reefer trucks can be plugged in and used as cold storage. Your cooler problem will be solved!

Let Reefer trucks from CoolVans save the day! So, whether you are running a florist’s shop that needs to get flowers to a church to your regular corporate customers, or a caterer who has the biggest job of the year coming up, you can depend on a refrigerated van from CoolVans. And if you are facing down an emergency that threatens your business and reputation, call us, and we’ll save the day with a temperature-controlled van that can be plugged in and used as cold storage. Call today for your custom quote.