When you need to keep your flowers, your catered food, or your meats and produce cold on its way from your business to its destination at people’s homes, or at local restaurants or farmers markets, you need a reefer van that performs at the highest level. CoolVans is where Las Vegas turns for reefer trucks to keep perishables safe and fresh on their way to their ultimate destination. We offer short and long-term rentals, as well as sales of refrigerated trucks.

Fight the Heat

We all know hot it can get in Vegas and keeping your perishables safe is of the utmost importance to your ability to get your goods, whether they are steaks or flowers, to their destination in perfect condition. Flowers can wilt, and food can spoil, and neither of these things are acceptable. Spoiled goods are terrible for your bottom line and can wreak havoc with your company’s reputation. Using a high-quality reefer van is an investment in your company’s financial health, and your reputation.


CoolVans offers rental services for reefer vans that include both short- and long-term rentals. This means it does not matter if you need a reefer truck to be parked out back while your walk-in fridge is repaired or you have an extra-large catering gig, and you need one to transport your amazing appetizers so they are as fresh and delicious as when you make them in the morning.

The CoolVans Advantage

CoolVan reefer vans are equipped with vehicle-powered refrigeration. These refrigeration units are also equipped with the “electric standby” feature. The electric standby feature allows the user to plug into an electrical outlet to power the refrigeration system while the van is parked. This allows the user to utilize the refrigeration while the vehicle is not moving and the engine is not running. The vehicles can then be used as storage or stationary cooling units. The electricity is used to power an electric motor, and the electric motor then turns the compressor with a belt. While the unit is driving, there is a second compressor attached to the vehicle’s engine, and the engine turns the compressor via a belt.

Control What You Can Control

The products you are supplying to your direct customers have, in some cases, come thousands of miles to get to you. If you are serving Chesapeake blue crab people and machines have been working to keep that delicious treat freezing or cold from the time it was pulled from the Chesapeake Bay and shipped to the unforgiving heat of the Mojave desert and into the urban heat of Las Vegas, you’ll need to keep it cool until it reaches your customer.  You can’t control what happens to products until you get them, but once in your possession, it is up to you to protect them from the heat that could turn your investment into a significant loss. The best way to keep your perishables safe is to use the best reefer trucks available, and in Las Vegas, that means CoolVans reefer trucks.

Rent or Buy Your Reefer Truck

CoolVans reefer trucks are available on several different bases. You can rent a reefer truck from CoolVans for a night, a weekend, a month or for years. Our rental reefer trucks are rented on a turnkey basis. This means that you are not responsible for repairs or maintenance, instead, we handle all of that four each of our customer. You are free to focus on your products and your customers.

Our rates start at $79 a day, but you should be sure to contact us for a custom quote so we can best meet your specific needs. If you are interested in purchasing a reefer truck for your business, we can help you, too. We have reefer vans for sale as well. Call us today for more details.