Whether you need to transport perishable goods as a onetime thing or on a regular basis, reefer vans can be the ideal solution. Reefer trucks work by simply removing heat from inside the cargo area and utilizing the insulation of the walls, floor, and roof to prevent heat from coming in.

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Read on to learn about some simple, yet impactful, ways to ensure that you reefer van is safe, sanitary, and up to code.


Like with any other food storage space, the threat of contamination is real and should be proactively addressed. Whether you are hauling meat, ice cream, or some other perishable good, following proper cleaning techniques and sanitization standards is essential. This may include removing all solids that are caked to the surface, applying approved cleaners, rinsing, and sanitizing all items—being sure not to damage any of the equipment in the process. If you are getting your reefer truck rental from Coolvans, we will ensure that it is 100% clean and up to health-inspection code every time.

Fuel Up

When hauling a load of perishable goods, it’s wise to ensure that you have plenty of fuel. In fact, some shippers might not let you haul a load with less than a full tank. Losing power or having to stop to fuel up could potentially damage your cargo.


Check Temperature

If you are shipping perishable good for a customer, be sure to ask the shipper what temperature the load should be kept at. And if you are using a reefer truck rental to transport your own cargo, be sure to thoroughly research your cargo and its target temperature. Being off by only one degree can spoil your freight. It’s important to remember that a reefer van can only maintain a temperature, it can’t lower it. Get in the habit of checking the temperature during and after the loading. Also, make sure to pre-cool your van to the desired temperature before loading it up.

In addition to checking the temperature gauge in the reefer van, you’ll also want to double-check the temperature using a pulp thermometer. If you are transporting a shipment for a customer, you may want to record the temperature on the bill of lading. To ensure best practice, pulp the air temperature regularly and pulp the shipment when it arrives at its destination.

When you transport food for your business, make sure you do it correctly and safely. Not only can improper storage ruin and contaminate your food, but it can also ruin your business and potentially carry legal ramifications.

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