There are hundreds of reasons why someone might need to rent a refrigerated van. Some are very broad reasons like, “I own a delivery business,” and others are very specific like, “I told my Great Aunt Mildred that I would bring hot dogs and refreshments for the family reunion in Idaho before I realized there would be over 500 people there.” Whatever your reason for renting a refrigerated van, CoolVans has vans ready for you. Today, we wanted to share four legitimate reasons why someone might suddenly find themselves in need of a reefer van for rent.

  1. You own a restaurant and your refrigerator broke down, and the electrician can’t come out until tomorrow: Just like your commitment to Great Aunt Mildred, this one is pretty specific, but it happens from time to time. In the past, if you were a restaurant owner and your refrigeration broke, you’d be closed down for the day and lose significant amounts of money on both inventory and lack of customers. However, with a refrigerated van equipped for electric standby like our CoolVans, you can back a van up to your back door, plug it into an outlet to activate the electric mode for cooling, transport the food to the van, and keep it at a safe temperature so it doesn’t go to waste.
  2. You run a seasonal catering business: We see this one a lot with our Las Vegas reefer van rentals. Most catering companies have a high season and a low season, usually revolving around weddings and the holidays for their busy seasons. During the high seasons, you need enough refrigerated trucks to handle catering multiple events on the same day. At the same time, it can be a drain on your business to have reefer vans sitting unused in the parking lot for 6 months out of the year. With CoolVans, you can rent an extra refrigerator van for the season, or even rent a couple vans just on the weekends.
  3. You’re a butcher or farmer getting involved in food delivery: With meal delivery businesses like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, getting food delivered to your front door is having a moment, and local butchers and farmers are stepping up their games to give customers what they want – fresh food without the hassle. However, it’s a big step to start offering this service, especially since you don’t know how popular it will be. If you see that your customers are interested, consider renting a freezer van for a few months while you test the waters. If it’s a hit, you can fully commit with one of our refrigerator vans for sale.
  4. You’re a florist in Nevada: We specify “in Nevada” simply because we all know how hot it gets here. A florist in North Dakota may only need a refrigerated van for a few months of the year, but in our area, the average annual high temperature is a whopping 80 degrees, with some months seeing average high temperatures of over 100 degrees. In temperatures like this, delivering fresh flower arrangements to your customers will be nearly impossible without some sort of refrigeration system, as cut flowers wilt even in mild temperatures.

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