Refrigerators aren’t often thought of as being interesting (unless you run a refrigerator van business like we do), but we know that there is much more to the world of fridges than you’d think. That’s why we at Cool Vans have put together this list of weird refrigerator facts!

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There Is a National Clean Your Fridge Day

That’s right, there really is a day for every occasion. On November 14th of every year, refrigerator owners are expected to clean out their fridges. We do hope that this isn’t the only day of the  year that people clean their fridges, but it’s a free country. Much like our refrigerator vans, we think that fridges should be cleaned often for best use. If you need tips for cleaning your refrigerator or refrigerator van, check out our cleaning guide here.

The Largest Fridge in the World is 27 Kilometers Long

That’s right, five hundred feet beneath France and Switzerland there is a near 27 kilometer (~17 mile) long refrigerator. Though it could contain several lifetime supplies of ice cream sandwiches, it is actually where the world’s largest particle accelerator is. Called the Large Hadron Collider, the facility helps physicists run experiments to further their understanding of the way the universe works.

Freon Isn’t in Fridges Anymore

The chemical that most people associate with refrigeration is actually no longer used for it. Freon is considered too environmentally detrimental for consumer use, and cheaper, safer refrigerants like HCFC-22 and HCFC-14 have replaced them. These days freon is only used outside of the US in refrigerators, and even then, it is rare. Our own refrigerator vans haven’t used freon ever. The models that we carry, are some of the most advanced on the market, and we proudly rent them out in the Las Vegas area at very affordable rates.  

There Are Secret Fridges that Protect Plants All Over the World.

These secret refrigerators are dotted in far reaching places like Antarctica, Finland, and Russia. Other ones are even under universities! They were built to hold seeds for long periods after the start of the cold war because genetic engineering was on the rise, and a potential nuclear war could drive away all life. The fridges were built to hold seeds for both research and to replant the earth. Pretty dark, but still cool to know that there are refrigerators out there like this.

Portable Fridges Are Growing in Popularity

Despite the fact that over 8 million fridges are purchased every year in the United States, a growing amount are not the full-size home fridges we normally see. This is because, these days, young adults expect to rent for most of their lives or have taken up semi nomadic or nomadic existence by working on the move from vans or trucks. Using portable fridges is, therefore, easier to move from apartment to apartment or have strapped in the vehicle they live out of. If anyone is looking for a more mobile lifestyle and lives in the Las Vegas area, we sell reefer vans that would make fantastic live-in refrigerated vans, if retrofitted well!

Well, we hope that this article is as entertaining for you as it has been for us! If you live in the Las Vegas area and need perishables protected in transit or for short term storage, check out Cool Vans, and rent or purchase one of our state-of-the-art refrigerator vans!