1. Five Weird Refrigerator Facts!

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  2. Nine Unconventional Reefer Van Uses!

    We all know that reefer vans all essentially have one function: to keep the cooling bay of the van cold. This is perfect for businesses and events that involve lots of perishables, but let’s look at…Read More

  3. Reefer Van Safety Tips

    Whether you need to transport perishable goods as a onetime thing or on a regular basis, reefer vans can be the ideal solution. Reefer trucks work by simply removing heat from inside the cargo area an…Read More

  4. What To Know About Loading A Reefer Van

    While many of our renters have been using refrigerator vans for their business for years, some of our customers will be loading up a van for the first time. Loading a reefer van is, in general, simila…Read More

  5. Four Good Reasons To Rent A CoolVan

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  6. FAQ About Food Safety

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  7. Let Us Save the Day

    When you rent or buy a reefer van from CoolVans, you are getting a multi-use vehicle. Not only are they are the perfect refrigerated truck to transport all your perishables, but they also can be used …Read More