We use it every day, we open it without thinking twice, but it hasn’t been around for all that long. The refrigerator is such a part of conventional life, that we hardly stop to ponder its existence and history. Who were the first people to start trying to keep things cool? How did we end up with refrigerators in practically every home? For the answers to these questions and more, look no further than this blog from Coolvans! Find out all about where modern refrigeration came from, and call Coolvans to get the refrigerated van service you need.

Why Refrigeration?

As we discussed in a previous blog, it’s imperative to keep food properly refrigerated. At lower temperatures, the growth of bacteria can be contained to a safe level for eating. Nevada is one of so many places where warmer temperatures put foods—and people—at risk. With properly refrigerated food, the potential for bacteria-induced illnesses are drastically reduced. But what exactly did people do before the refrigerator came around?

The Earliest Refrigerators

According to LiveScience, the earliest methods for refrigerating food came around 1000 B.C.—over 3,000 years ago! The Chinese were the first to cut ice to be used as a method for refrigeration. Around 500 B.C., other cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and Indians figured out that they could leave pots outside full of water during a colder night. Upon waking the next day, ice would be formed.

Even in places where ice was not always readily available or easy to make, earlier civilizations realized that storing things in a certain way meant for cooler temperatures. For some cultures, this meant putting food away in cellars to help preserve it for longer periods of time. Some cultures even built insulated wooden boxes that were lined with different metallic substances, sawdust, cork, or more. It would seem that people understood the need to keep things cooler as a health concern. Not to mention, having food spoil or go bad was downright dangerous in times when food security was not as strong. It is easy to forget how precious food becomes when refrigeration is not an option for preservation.

People started to have ideas about how to make ice, and the fact that it was water in a frozen state, for a very long time. Modern methods for refrigeration, however, were just beginning.

Refrigeration Science

While the actual refrigerator was not going to come about for several hundred years after the earliest modes, a Scottish doctor by the name of William Cullen began to observe the cooling effect that happened when evaporation took place. This took place in the mid-18th century, and another 60 years later was when scientists started to use different liquids to create a cooling process.

In our next blog, we will dive into what happened as people began developing more and more scientific theories and methods to creating a refrigeration system. In the meantime, work with Coolvans to find the perfect refrigeration van for you! From rentals to purchases and more, we will help meet all of your refrigeration needs. Call us today!