At CoolVans in Las Vegas, we know that driving a reefer van can be a new experience for many. The vans are larger than your average vehicle and oftentimes are loaded with lots of perishables, which will change how the van steers and moves. We all know that especially small business have important schedules to keep, and clientele to keep happy, and so might be prone to drive in a hurry. Our list of driving tips is designed for just those clients.

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One of the most classic and well-known systems of defensive driving is the “Smith System”, which has been taught to professional commercial and industrial drivers for years to help them maintain and remember safe practices on the road. The Smith system is especially nice, because it can be remembered by this short sentence “All Good Kids Like Milk”. Although I swear I’ve known kids that aren’t very good and still like milk, the sentence lays out the abbreviation of the five key defensive driving tips that save lives every year.

Aim High in Steering

When driving one of our reefer vans, make sure that you are looking ahead of yourself. Looking at least a block or two ahead of you can let you know if there is construction coming up, traffic is stopped, or there has been an accident. It will help you avoid having to make sudden stops that could dislodge your goods, and keep driving less stressful, even when in a hurry.

Get the Big Picture

Notice where other drivers move as they drive around you and expect the worst. Drivers and motorists may not behave as expected with sudden stops, turns, or other behavior. Assessing potential risks can help you plan to mitigate potential issues and avoid accidents or harm to your refrigerated van or yourself.

Keep Your Eyes Moving

Especially on longer drives, there is an easy tendency to become entranced. This can be especially true if you have driven the route several times or you are driving from Las Vegas across part of Nevada, where the highways are essentially in a straight line and hours can pass. We know that many of our clients drive to neighboring areas such as Moapa Valley, Dolan Springs, or Boulder City that can be relatively boring driving. By keeping your eyes moving every three to five seconds, a driver will have much better awareness of what is happening ahead, beside, and behind them.

Leave Yourself an Out

Make sure that while you are driving you leave yourself a way to safely leave your present position. This means two things: First, leave a gap in front of you while you are approaching a stoplight. Accidents commonly occur while decelerating and it can be easy to get trapped or waste fuel by not gradually decelerating and leaving yourself a gap. Second, remember that even while driving, there needs to be an appropriate gap between you and the vehicle in front of you, and, if possible, there needs to be an out to a side for aggressive drivers.

Make Sure They See You

Half of driving safely is the other drivers. While we know that you cannot control the actions of another person, you can help them notice you so that they can take your refrigerator van into consideration as they maneuver traffic. This means a few things: Position the reefer van so that it is not in the blind spot of another vehicle. When driving at night or in limited light, make sure you have your lights on. Use your horn when you need to to signal to someone who might not see you that you are there. Making eye contact and using polite sign language with drivers around you can be a great way for them not only to notice you but understand what your driving plan is and where you intend to go. This can be especially helpful in heavier traffic.

Using these safe driving tips, and the acronym “All Good Kids Like Milk”, we hope that you’re experience with our reefer vans is safe, timely, and productive. If you live in the Las Vegas area and are looking to move or hold perishables for your house or business we are the right stop. Coolvans has all of your reefer van rental and purchasing needs. Check us out today!